Women Visionaries

Are you sick of waiting in the wings to be discovered in your business?
Afraid you can’t captivate enough clients to live the life of your dreams?
Longing to go from cringing to confident as you leverage your expertise on video in a soul-aligned way?
If so, stop struggling and step into the spotlight!

Founder of Artangelis Inc. and Director of Video Goddess Academy, I show women entrepreneurs how to shimmy out of the shadows and shine with their sacred message on video so they can create the incredible impact and income they desire.

This is absolutely possible for you, but in case you’re still secretly doubting, let me tell you my story:

As a kid I was so shy I took books to birthday parties and cried every time I had to knock on a door to sell Girl Scout cookies- an unlikely candidate you might say to teach women the keys to unlock their confidence on camera!

As much as I wish I could tell you I was transformed overnight it took 15 years of exploration in Amsterdam and Paris as an actor and theater and opera director for me to come out of my shell and into my own. Only then could I express my unique message with the world in an authentic and empowered way.

I want this for you too!

That’s why my passion is helping high-achieving female entrepreneurs just like you tap into their intuition and transform self-doubt into six-figure celebrity success.

I give you insider tips so you can reach more people, help your dream clients find you, and make more sales.

Your voice is unique and your message is meant to ignite a movement..

Join me to learn the tools to stand out, step up and shine on video!

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Shirly Joy Weiss

"I had the amazing blessing to have Jasmine be with me last Friday during my video shoot for an upcoming launch and got to experience her brilliance! I already felt comfortable in front of the camera so it amazed me just how much I learned from her and how much more I could bring. She truly took everything up a notch and helped me not only express in a greater way, but really enjoy and have fun in the process, too. What a gift to have her there.!"

Shirly Joy Weiss - http://shirlyjoyweiss.com
Michelle Alva

"Thank YOU SO MUCH goddess Jasmine Sreenika Crystalsinger for your laser focused coaching on how to maximize my passions so I can share my message on video and uplift the world in a very productive way! I love working with you! Thank you for being so committed to empowering women to share their passions and purpose! I'm so grateful to have met you and looking forward to your video training retreat coming up in the Bahamas! "

Michelle Alva - http://www.michellealva.com
Dr. Megan Hondru DC

"I am privileged to work with a coach as present and intuitive as Jasmine. She was quickly able to connect to the true me and my soul purpose. This awareness allows her to give highly personalized and useful tips for building my business. Her detailed tips for marketing are unmatched and always reflect my soul purpose. It was so fantastic to be seen authentically and to be supported by her expert advice. Being seen in this way made it exceptionally easy for me to integrate her suggestions and put them into use for attracting my ideal clients. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

Dr. Megan Hondru DC - http://drmeganhondrudc.com
Natasa Naoumi, Greece

"Thank you so much Jasmine for your authentic, empathic guidance! It was wonderful to feel supported and receive practical tools and advice to help me ground my soul purpose and transmute all that is holding me back. It was a most soothing and healing experience and I would recommend it to all sensitive souls out there."

Natasa Naoumi, Greece - https://www.youtube.com/user/Niouniaki/videos